The Power of a Purchase

What do skin care and lotions have to do with reentry in Muskegon? A lot actually! Fresh Coast Botanicals was intentionally created to support 70×7 Muskegon participants on multiple levels.

Transitional Employment – program participants may need a strong Christian work environment that is supportive of their growth and sober lifestyle. An employer that encourages addiction support and doesn’t penalize for needing time for probation meetings. Coaching, encouragement, and accountability are all part of this effective work environment. Participants will be employed to warehouse and ship Fresh Coast Botanicals and will be paid a fair wage.

Direct Donation – Fresh Coast Botanicals will donate 10% of SALES (not just profits, but sales) to support the programs and services of 70×7 Muskegon.

Community Outreach – Fresh Coast Botanicals will be sold online at, in local boutiques, and at community events (farmer’s markets and art shows.) Giving 70×7 Muskegon an opportunity to tell the stories of transformation that we see every day.

How do you help? Order lotions, ‘like’ us on Facebook, share and tell your friends. The more demand for the product, the more participants employed and more families impacted. Please consider Fresh Coast Botanicals for your skin care needs.

70×7 Muskegon is a unique, grassroots community approach to recovery and reentry. Overwhelming numbers of people return from prison and jail, committed to rebuilding their lives, but struggling with addiction, joblessness, and related barriers. Your help changes these citizens into positive contributors to Muskegon’s transformation.

Each dollar you invest transforms lives in Muskegon County. Thank You!