70×7 Muskegon is a unique, grassroots community approach to recovery and reentry. Overwhelming numbers of people return from prison and jail, committed to rebuilding their lives, but struggling with addiction, joblessness, and related barriers. Your help changes these citizens into positive contributors to Muskegon’s transformation.

Each dollar you invest transforms lives in Muskegon County. Thank You!

Jessica is a participant in the 70×7 Life Recovery Muskegon program. Her story reflects so many others, not just in Muskegon — people off to a great start in life who made some bad choices in hard circumstances. But she returned to Muskegon, found 70×7 people to help her get a new chance at a good life. She tells just how important that has been for her at the 70×7 Answering the Call Annual Banquet in November.

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