Peer to Peer Re-Entry Support

70×7  Muskegon comes alongside volunteers who have a vision to help a returning prisoner turn their life around. Training preparation, ongoing support, and the fellowship of others is part of  70×7 Muskegon mentoring.

Contact Joe Whalen if you’d like more information about this important, life-changing role in someone’s life. Contact is not a commitment, so feel free to ask Joe all about the process.


mentoringFor many returning citizens, their stories include school experiences that just didn’t work well for them. 70×7 Muskegon is fortunate to have the volunteer services of a highly qualified, experienced, and licensed adult educator. Individual tutors get training for specialized, immediately practical ways to help returning citizens achieve important education level goals. Long term employment, with increasing responsibility, wages, and benefits are directly tied to basic skills proficiency.

We welcome active and retired educators, but professional education training is not necessary to be a successful tutor for a 70×7 Muskegon participant.

Investigate the tremendous impact you can make in a life with an hour of 1 to 1 tutoring, 1-2 times each week. Our Tutoring Coordinator can answer your questions and would be happy to arrange a meeting for you to investigate this important volunteer position.

Contact the 70x7Muskegon Tutoring Coordinator, Karen Verway,

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Peer to Peer Recovery Mentoring

We believe that the ultimate solution for addiction recovery is rooted in a personal relationship with Christ.  This is often best revealed and equipped by a person who has struggled and recovered.   Addiction issues are as significant a roadblock to long-term, successful employment.

70×7  Muskegon offers several peer to peer support and accountability groups.  We view addiction as a family dilemma and include recovery outreach that supports participants and their extended families.  Our recovery network incorporates relationships with people who have successful recovery histories and faith-anchored Twelve-Step programming.   Contact Nate Johnson, 231-282-9502 for more information.