Our Vision

70×7 Muskegon will be a core contributing organization to Muskegon’s declining incarceration rates and increasing economic growth as second chances empower returning citizens to secure financial sustainability and help grow a vibrant community.

Our Mission

70x7 Muskegon offers Christ-centered programs and collaborative services to overcome employment barriers of reentry and recovery.

Muskegon County’s incarceration recidivism rates (returns to prison within 3 years of release) continue to exceed the Michigan state average of 34%.  70×7 Muskegon programs and services are using elimination of employment barriers and mentoring, not only to reduce recidivism, but to give those struggling with addiction and joblessness a new chance at a good life.

“70×7 believed I could change and helped me get the skills I needed to stay sober and to get a good job.  – Tony

We believe in:

Dignity:  We are all created in the image of God.  Having the dignity of work: God created us to work. Work can increasingly provide what families need. Work is the solution to poverty and the frustration of dependency.

Forgiveness: Is God’s Way.  Second chances, restoration and reconciliation are God’s design.

Purpose: To personally know the God Who created me, has a plan for my life, and wants me to find and develop the special gifts He’s given me.

Hope:  That life will be better. God can and will change my future.

Relationships: Personal responsibility and accountability depend on relationships – with God and with one another.

Sustainability: For long term financial health for our participants and the organization; so we serve our participants and Muskegon well.

Extraordinary service to the people of Muskegon County:  To our participants, to our donors, to our volunteers.  To everyone in Muskegon who longs to see our community and the people here thrive and connected with one another.