Oct 18 – 4th Annual 70×7 Muskegon Banquet

4th Annual 70×7 Muskegon Banquet featuring Pastor Dimas Salaberrios

Thursday, October 18, 2018 – 5pm-8pm

Fresh Coast, Fresh Hope. Breaking the Cycles of Poverty.


Watermark 920 Event Center
920 Washington Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49441

Dimas Salaberrios - Street GodHis street name was Daylight. But he was a nightmare. On the streets of New York, darkness and violence reigned. Dimas “Daylight” Salaberrios popped his first pill when he was eleven years old, and just days later, he was selling drugs to his schoolmates. By fifteen, he was facing time at the notorious Rikers Island Prison. It was never safe to turn your back, and Dimas saw only one chance to survive: to become a street god. He would be the richest, most powerful ruler in the hood….. or die trying. Street God is the true story of Pastor Dimas’ against-all-odds journey from the streets to the altar and back again. A modern-day The Cross and the Switchblade for a new generation, it reveals that we’re never too far gone for God to change us – and shows how a single spark can illuminate even the darkest existence.

Dimas Salaberrios has served as senior pastor of Infinity Bible Church, which he founded in partnership with Dr. Tim Keller and Redeemer City to City, since 2003. Pasto Dimas is a gifted storyteller and Bible teacher. As president of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York, he spearheads the largest, most diverse force of pastors in a tri-state area comprised of over 5,000 churches mobilized across various denominational, ethnic and economic lines.

A true servant-leader at heart, Pastor Dimas is often described as one unafraid of running into the fire. With real “boots on the ground”, Pastor Dimas is often advancing the cause of Christ during the nation’s most pressing issues, as well as boldly proclaiming the gospel on every continent.

Join us in welcoming Pastor Dimas to West Michigan on October 18th for our Annual Banquet. Our theme this year is: Fresh Coast, Fresh Hope. Breaking the Cycles of Poverty.


Donation Match

A Match – Every dollar will be doubled

This season means we use lots of matches (or the fancy fire starters – but let’s say matches, ok?) Lighting candles. In all this snow (wow!), perhaps enjoying a fire in the fireplace. (In between shoveling and snow blowing ☺ ) ‘Tis the season, right?

But there are matches, and there are MATCHES.

70×7 Muskegon has some visionary donors who have put together a financial match for 2017 donations and commitments for 2018: $100,000. They have seen the impact that these prisoner reentry and recovery programs have had in Muskegon in less than 2 years of operation.

Muskegon County has ‘returning prisoner’ and substance abuse rates that underscore how much our neighbors and community need compassionate, strategic, accountable help. Realistic Help. Long Term Help.

There is no support for 70×7 Muskegon that doesn’t directly or indirectly affect every participant, every potential participant. Our staff and volunteers are passionate about Muskegon County’s needs, and share the vision that we CAN reduce recidivism and substance abuse here. Bottom line: It’s about people. And every one matters.

Will you help? Every dollar will be doubled.

We’ve had large donations that make the big stuff happen. And then we have had $5 sent by a prisoner – truly a sacrificial donation saved from meager prison earnings – one that made me cry …don’t know about the rest of you!

2018 is a God-Sized Opportunity for this work. Donating Online is an easy and secure way to make your year-end investment in Muskegon.

Will you do it?

What’s Happening at 70×7 Muskegon – Fresh Coast Reentry

Former felons rehabilitate in special program with police that put them in jail

Convicted felons are coming face-to-face with the police officers who arrested them at a special support group called CLEAR.

The C.L.E.A.R. (Coalition.Leadership.Education.Accountability.Rehabilitation) group is a voluntary program consisting of police, MDOC employees, and returning citizens to figure out what’s next in life beyond bars. The meetings are held at 70×7 Muskegon years after their time is served.

“With a lot of us returning home, part of the reason we went to prison is because we have authority problems,” said Nate Johnson, Reentry director at 70×7 Muskegon.

Read Full Article and See Video

Nov 3 – Annual Banquet – Answering the Call

“Answering the Call” – 70×7 Muskegon Annual Banquet

Thursday, November 3, 2016, (5:30 pm Reception, 6:00 pm Dinner)
The Event Center | Fricano Place
Join 70×7 Muskegon: Christ Centered, Job Anchored Prisoner Re-Entry in Muskegon, MI. “Answering the Call” to be a community of second chances… one story, one relationship, one day at a time.

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The Good News of Justice

We’ve just celebrated the most important event of the Christian calendar, Easter — the celebration that hope is available to each of us, literally a new life because of our acceptance of the sin cancellation made for us by Jesus Christ.

70×7 Life Recovery Muskegon has officially launched our programming: Christ Centered, Job Anchored Prisoner Re-Entry in Muskegon. As Chuck Colson, the founder of Prison Fellowship says in this article:

“When Christ is raised from the dead on Easter Sunday, we see that there is hope of restoration for all perpetrators of injustice. That is something… that men and women in prisons fully appreciate.”

Don’t we all long to see injustice made right?

Read More…

Our First ‘Walk In’

THIS is about true recovery… One Life… One Relationship… One Day at a time!

Nate and I met Ted at Muskegon Correctional Facility in the faith-based unit through Prison Fellowship last June. He got out on December 23 and came looking for us because we told him we’d be here. Even though we don’t formally launch 70×7Muskegon for a few more months, we have the privilege of guiding and encouraging the men and women who are already coming through our doors, Thanks to you!

Joe Whalen, our Executive Director

That means YOU — you who want to see people get a second chance to turn their lies around and believe that 70x7Muskegon is a great start!!