Donation Match

A Match – Every dollar will be doubled

This season means we use lots of matches (or the fancy fire starters – but let’s say matches, ok?) Lighting candles. In all this snow (wow!), perhaps enjoying a fire in the fireplace. (In between shoveling and snow blowing ☺ ) ‘Tis the season, right?

But there are matches, and there are MATCHES.

70×7 Muskegon has some visionary donors who have put together a financial match for 2017 donations and commitments for 2018: $100,000. They have seen the impact that these prisoner reentry and recovery programs have had in Muskegon in less than 2 years of operation.

Muskegon County has ‘returning prisoner’ and substance abuse rates that underscore how much our neighbors and community need compassionate, strategic, accountable help. Realistic Help. Long Term Help.

There is no support for 70×7 Muskegon that doesn’t directly or indirectly affect every participant, every potential participant. Our staff and volunteers are passionate about Muskegon County’s needs, and share the vision that we CAN reduce recidivism and substance abuse here. Bottom line: It’s about people. And every one matters.

Will you help? Every dollar will be doubled.

We’ve had large donations that make the big stuff happen. And then we have had $5 sent by a prisoner – truly a sacrificial donation saved from meager prison earnings – one that made me cry …don’t know about the rest of you!

2018 is a God-Sized Opportunity for this work. Donating Online is an easy and secure way to make your year-end investment in Muskegon.

Will you do it?

Thank you for visiting Please connect with us online, or call us at (231) 740-9566 if we can assist you.