Muskegon: Watch Us Grow …Second Chances

70×7 MUSKEGON’s training and accountability programs uniquely do that in Muskegon. This is the 15th employment and life skills training graduating class.

Thanks to the initiative of our Prison Fellowship [] friends: The United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring April 2017 as “Second Chance Month“.

The resolution states that Congress “honors the work of communities, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, congregations, employers, and individuals to remove unnecessary legal and societal barriers that prevent an individual with a criminal record from becoming a productive member of society.”

Second Chances are working in Muskegon.

Community work to remove barriers to reengaging in life and community sounds wonderful. But it takes highly intentional work to accomplish that good goal – work that has high value for participants.

We have a new class and curriculum name: R.E.N.E.W. That is what we do.

  • Restore. Start with the viewpoint that every individual is created in the image of God and can be restored. Everyone deserves a second chance.
  • Equip. Provide the materials, the guidance, the leadership, and the practical training to give someone in the reentry and/or recovery process what they need to succeed.
  • Navigate. Intentionally grow your partners and colleagues who work together as the network to address the basic and oftentimes unique needs to reengage in life and community. The R.E.N.E.W. materials are a collaborative effort with our friends at Love INC here in Muskegon. Partnerships leverage good ideas and work.
  • Empower. Coach each participant to see himself/herself from God’s perspective, worthy of a life lived in wholeness, health, and financial self-sufficiency.
  • Work. Work gives dignity. Partner with organizations and employers willing to see 70×7 MUSKEGON participants as individuals with unique skills and gifts, with contributions to make to Muskegon businesses.

It was my privilege to talk with a 70×7 grad just yesterday. Eddie told me: “I’m doing better than I’ve ever done in my whole life because of 70×7. I mean that.”

70×7 MUSKEGON: Growing second chances so that they are part of the Muskegon work to build a better place for all of us.

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